Content & Google

Content & Google Did you know that Google makes minor changes to its algorithm almost every day? These changes are unlikely to change the rankings of websites or to cause any significant decrease in visibility. But every few months, Google rolls out what they call “core algorithm updates”. How these updates affect search engine results … Read more

Small Business Guide- DIY SEO

Guide for Small Business DIY SEO Looking for an SEO guide to help small businesses attract new customers? Mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing may seem like a daunting task for those who are new to it. It doesn’t have to be. Writing effective SEO content is a skill, and like other skills can be … Read more

SEO Copywriting for Beginners

SEO Copywriting for Beginners In each advertisement you click, there is an intent to get you- the reader- to take an action. Whether it is making a purchase, subscribing to a page, or simply forwarding the information, the goal of the content is the same: engage the reader, keep them engaged, and get them to … Read more

Why Choose a Copywriting Professional?

Why Choose a Copywriting Professional? In a world riddled with content and businesses attempting to sell you products and services, how can you, as a small business owner, stand out from the competition? The answer consists of a variety of different aspects business owners can incorporate into their online presence. One of the most important … Read more

Copywriting as a Job

Who is a copywriter? Copywriters are individuals who use marketing creativity to pull in customers while writing in such a way that content is easy to understand and read. Many copywriters are highly creative people who have realized they have a gift with words and who like to write. Creativity is key for a successful … Read more

Copywriting for Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Importance What is Brand Awareness? The best way to describe brand awareness is to look at some masters in the area of brand marketing. Let’s look at Target for example. When Target first opened it was no different than any other new business- no one knew who they were. Their original ringed logo … Read more

Copywriting for Local Businesses

Why Would a Local Business Need a Copywriter? If a local business wants to enhance online presence and begin to compete with big-name competitors, great copywriters are the key! Big-name businesses have already built brand awareness. Their name and/or logo, in many cases, has become a symbol of trust. Most people look for a familiar … Read more

What is Copywriting for SEO?

What is Copy writing for SEO? Copywriting is the ability of a writer to write in such a way that a business or service is promoted naturally. Copywriting is essentially a division of marketing whereas a hired writer is asked to promote a business or event. When done well, a reader will feel drawn to … Read more

What is Copy-Writing?

What is Copywriting? Copywriting is an art. It is a skill in which a writer writes specific content to inform and persuade a reader that the brand or company he or she represents is superior to others. A great copywriter must be able to speak to the product or service as if he/she was an … Read more