About Us

Life is all about learning and growing, both personally and in business.  Over the past 15 years, I have served as a teacher- both in middle and elementary schools- and, although my passion as a classroom teacher is in the area of science, I have always loved the art of language and writing. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Western Michigan University in 2005 and earned my Masters of Science in Educational Leadership from NOVA Southeastern University in 2012. I have worked for many schools and districts writing content, lesson plans, and teacher training modules. I am an accomplished grant writer and love the art of writing to a specific topic or group of individuals. Content writing comes very naturally to me and I enjoy learning about the many topics I am continually hired to research. I have worked with SEO content creation for quite some time, alongside my husband who professionally works as a digital marketer. Over the years of watching the content my husband was receiving, I realized there is a need for great content writers to support SEO success. Great writing is my specialty. My team works tirelessly to make sure business owners can trust the work they receive!


If you need assistance with content of any kind, contact us. We can’t wait to help your business succeed!