Copywriting as a Job

Who is a copywriter?

Copywriters are individuals who use marketing creativity to pull in customers while writing in such a way that content is easy to understand and read. Many copywriters are highly creative people who have realized they have a gift with words and who like to write. Creativity is key for a successful copywriter because, after all, the point of having copywritten material is to give information to potential clients, while drawing them in to your business over your competitors. Copywriters should have at least a basic knowledge of SEO and how Google looks for content. Google is the top name in search engines so it makes most of the rules surrounding business rankings. Because of this, copywriters need to stay up to date on new requirements surrounding business ranking rules.   

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Advertising Factors

Copywriters understand that all content needs to be written in a way that all who read it are able to understand what is being presented. They know how to speak to the general public in memorable informative ways. Good advertising comes with a “call to action” for the reader. That is, what does the company want the reader to do after reading the article. For example, should the customer call for a quote? Are they required to take measurements or test particular aspects of the problem they have encountered to narrow down options for what the problem may be? Great advertising gives all of the information and lets the reader know exactly what he/she should do to get in touch with the professionals. For SEO and digital marketing agencies, copywriting has less to to with images and more to do with writing having two focuses:

  • Pulling in Potential clients
  • Being found by search engine “bots”

If a business wants to truly rank in the world of online presence, it must have fantastic copywriters who understand what it takes to be successful.  

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Promoting Brand Awareness

Promoting brand awareness is a very important long-term factor for copywriters and businesses. With so many competitors in any given market, how does a company stand out? How can it be assured that one specific company will be remembered above others? Copywriting is the key to brand awareness for potential clients. Whether through blog postings- which should be happening at very least monthly- or through content paired with a business image, it is important that the general public recognizes your business over your competitors. To do this, the business logo should be paired with content whenever possible. Websites should have up to date information with a company logo and continual blog posts happening. At every point possible, the logo should be attached to the content. What this does is cements a picture to your business name. This is the goal of a copyright agency. The content and information paired with a company image should be so compelling that potential clients will recognize and therefore trust the business being promoted through brand awareness marketing. 

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