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SEO & Copywriting for Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigation can be a hobby for some, but for others it is a business that is taken very seriously by the owners and staff working within a paranormal team of investigators. Investigators are frequently called when something seems out of the ordinary and someone is looking for answers. How does one go about finding the “right” team for the job? SEO, or search engine optimization- paired with professional copywriting skills- is the way businesses become more visible in online searches. Regardless of city or state, paranormal investigators are a needed and often overlooked service. Like the movie says, “Who you gonna call?”… Quite honestly, the answer can be found on the first page of the search engine responses. Statistics show the closer a business is to the first page of responses in a search engine, the more likely a new customer is to find that business over its competitors. SEO with copywriting know-how helps businesses climb to the top of search engine listings through the copywriting skills of professionals who know how Google and other search engines work. 

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Why use a copywriter for Paranormal Investigation content?

Paranormal investigators fill a need that people are often hesitant to explore. Content written for this line of work requires not only the typical SEO and keyword focus, but an understanding of the client and what he/she may be experiencing. Many people feel the field of paranormal investigation is not a true scientific area of study, but this is most definitely not the case. It simply is a science in which most people lack understanding. Oftentimes, teams use a wide variety of specified equipment to try to solve a problem for the client. It is the job of the copywriter to teach the public about this fascinating field of study. When it boils down to it, copywriters are marketers. Copywriters and the content they create can make a potential client feel better about needing such a service. Education on what to expect and how a typical investigation is held is vital to a client feeling comfortable enough to choose YOUR team over that of a competitor’s. Spelling and grammar mistakes in blogs, websites, or any online content gives an unprofessional first impression and people need YOUR help. Trusting a professional copywriter can not only speak to the client more effectively, but boost online ranking in search engine responses. 

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Relevance and Indexing on Google

Copywriters know how to speak to the Google bots that are programmed to judge all online content. The better the content, the more it is valued. The more content a business produces, the higher relevance of that business. The more relevance a business has, the higher the trust flow of that business. Papers must be written to speak not only to a client, but to the search engine web crawlers get attention and increase trust flow. In a business such as paranormal investigation, this is a key factor in getting calls from people truly looking for help and support. Great copywriters get results and help connect clients with business.    

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