Copywriting for Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Importance

What is Brand Awareness? The best way to describe brand awareness is to look at some masters in the area of brand marketing. Let’s look at Target for example. When Target first opened it was no different than any other new business- no one knew who they were. Their original ringed logo with their name attached was developed in the 1960s and has progressively changed over the past 60 years to simply being the target symbol with no name attached to it. 

There are very few people who wouldn’t know Target simply by seeing the logo. This is the epitome of brand awareness. Businesses such as Pepsi and Disney also have brand awareness that has morphed simply into a picture/logo. So, how does such marketing happen? Well, it doesn’t happen overnight. Trained copywriters building brand trust and loyalty through pairing trustworthy, informative content with a business logo. 

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Client Acquisition & Trust

One of the main goals of copywriting is to acquire new clients and get those clients to understand your business is at the forefront of the service you provide. When we think about stores that have great brand awareness, they also have the trust of the general population. When shopping, customers will typically choose Nike over an unknown brand. Why? People know the brand is trustworthy and, although typically more expensive, the clothes will wear well and serve their intended purpose. The only real way to build brand awareness is by building business trust, so what’s the magic truck? How do you build trust and brand awareness when your business is not yet to Nike status?

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Targeted Content Creation & Ad Campaigns

Targeted content creation and well thought-out advertisements are the main ways to build trust with new potential customers. Content on your website or contained within your blog shows you know your business. People don’t simply ask around for the “best” companies anymore. They ask around and then Google search recommended businesses around their location. If a company has a 4-5 star rating and positive reviews, chances are they will be chosen over a competitor. Content is how Google rankings increase. The more relevant, well-written content is produced by a business, the more the trust factor of that business increases and the easier it is for the web crawlers, or Google Bots, to find and index the article. The more your articles are indexed, the more trust factor you have. All of this helps to move one company above another in search results. 

Advertising campaigns should be concise and let the reader know what he/she should do to get in touch with YOUR business. In all Ad campaigns, it is important to not only list your company name, but have a clear image that represents your business. This is the start of creating brand awareness. Content + advertising campaigns + business logo = Brand Awareness. It’s that simple. A great copywriter can literally make or break a business, increasing brand awareness. 

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