Copywriting for Local Businesses

Why Would a Local Business Need a Copywriter?

If a local business wants to enhance online presence and begin to compete with big-name competitors, great copywriters are the key! Big-name businesses have already built brand awareness. Their name and/or logo, in many cases, has become a symbol of trust. Most people look for a familiar name when searching for a service or product, but quickly shop around when the price is revealed. To understand the value of a copywriter, local businesses must first understand what creates online presence and trust flow. When a potential customer “Google searches” a need, a list of companies is immediately provided. Where do these names come from? How are the top businesses at the top? Are the businesses listed on the first page actually the best businesses? Many people are surprised to hear that the first page businesses are not there by chance. Many are fantastic businesses, but that doesn’t mean they are better than your local business! The answer to how a business gets ranked is simple- online content. When Google scours the internet to find credible sources of information, it uses “bots”. These bots are programmed to look for very specific things. Many local businesses have digital marketers, but give little thought to the importance of content. Great content is vital for business success, ranking, and trust flow! A good copywriter knows how to make the bots find YOUR business over your competitor.  

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Directed Marketing Campaigns

Great copywriters are fully knowledgeable of key words and how to get your business visible to the masses. Any local business wanting to compete with the big names in their field of expertise must have blogs, an up to date website, Q&A, Google My Business content, and Great businesses need great content. What business owner has time to do all of that? Truly, not many. That’s where copywriters come into play. It is the job of the copywriter to direct marketing to outshine all others in your business. To do this, copywriters must write content that directly speaks to the reader to tell them something to do- an action- to get in touch with your business. This “Call to Action” informs the reader of possible expiring deals or services that may be needed. It lists what the reader should be doing to get the most out of the service YOUR company provides. Copywriters know how to create these types of directed marketing campaigns to bring customers to you, rather than your competitors.   

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Getting Leads

Lead-generation is a process by which a writer captures the interest of a potential client. This type of marketing is typically done through a business giving information about a product or service. The reader then begins to trust the source of the article and is directed to a specified company. Lead generation is a typical digital marketing gig, but it is actually the know-how and skills of the copywriter that puts the piece together to inform the reader. First impressions are important. Local businesses must create a first impression that will create trust! Copywriters create this pipeline of trust leading back to YOUR business, giving you leads over your competitors!

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