What is Copywriting for SEO?

What is Copy writing for SEO?

Copywriting is the ability of a writer to write in such a way that a business or service is promoted naturally. Copywriting is essentially a division of marketing whereas a hired writer is asked to promote a business or event. When done well, a reader will feel drawn to a company based on the given article. Copywriters need to be able to seamlessly write about services and information pertaining to a given topic while giving pertinent information. This will point the reader to a particular company that offers such services. 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a way for digital marketers to organically promote a business and get it recognized by search engine “bots.” These bots are designed by the search engine corporations to find content and scour all online articles looking for particular keywords or key phrases. Organic marketing SEO requires such keywords to be entrenched in articles written by copywriters. The more direct the keywords, the easier it will be for the bots to find and organize the content to answer search ques.

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Why do businesses in 2020 need quality copywriting for their SEO?

In order to understand why quality writing is needed for SEO, it is important to understand how content is used by the internet and how businesses are ranked by search engines. Many of us have had the experience of “Googling” a service to find a company nearby. A common assumption is the top names to come up as results are the best companies. Oftentimes, this is the case, however, any business with great SEO and content can jump ahead of competitors in a relatively short period of time. How? Search engines such as Google and Yelp have programmed robots that filter through all-new added content being uploaded. These robots, referred to as “Crawlers” or “bots”,  scan the content looking for relevant keywords and order the results based on relevance to the searched topic. Once keywords are found, the articles are indexed. The more times a business is found and indexed, the more power and trust that business gains, pushing it above others in the search results. Content being written weekly or monthly adds power to the company the articles point back to and lets the bots know this business is legitimate and should have a higher trust level, further pushing it toward the top.  

Years ago, keywords were buried in articles that made very little sense and the search engine bots were none the wiser and would index the site. As of 2012, however, the world of copywriting shifted as new bot programming now made bots aware of the quality of the writing in a given article. In other words, content and keywords matter equally when looking to rank a business online. In today’s world, Google now specifically looks for meaning in online content, while still looking for keywords and phrases. What this means is that articles released by SEO firms must be written to a very high level in order to hold ground against content from competing businesses. 

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How do great copywriters affect SEO?

Great copywriters are knowledgeable about basic SEO strategies to promote a given business. Slipping keywords and key phrases into content comes naturally and flows smoothly from a copywriter who knows how the internet search engines work. As bots read a professionally copywritten article, it is simple for them to understand the high level at which the article was written while still scouring the article finding SEO keywords. Great copywriters are not new to how ranking works and understand the need for a variation of content. Multiple articles written over a given period of time all need to have the same level of quality to keep the business promoted. Finding the best copywriters will keep your business on top!

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