What is Copy-Writing?

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is an art. It is a skill in which a writer writes specific content to inform and persuade a reader that the brand or company he or she represents is superior to others. A great copywriter must be able to speak to the product or service as if he/she was an expert. There are a few desirable traits of great copywriting. Essentially, ideal copywriting hits a market in such a way that it is memorable, relatable, and convincing. The potential client should be able to remember the offer, service, and product and understand how that item will help life become easier. Copywriting skills are built brick by brick as the writer organizes each thought representing a product or service, always remembering the end goal is marketing. 

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Advertising Campaigns: What Makes them Great?

The first and most obvious way to instantly turn many away from a company is when writing is lackluster, inappropriate, containing slurs, and/or grammatical errors. When creating an advertising campaign, the copywriter must be continually aware of the target audience and the service area of the business. For example, writing copyright material for a company in South Florida that discusses one challenge of moving being icy roads may not speak to the audience as desired. When possible, advertising campaigns should be fun, catchy, and relatable. When people relate to a product, company, or service, they are more likely to choose it over its competitors. We are more inundated with advertising today than in any time in history. With many people on technology multiple times throughout each day, it’s easy to become lost in the shuffle of one business versus its competitors. A great copywriter will know this and work toward the needs and wants of the target audience.

SEO & Copywriting

Although helpful, it is not necessary for a copywriter to know all of the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Basic knowledge of how to apply keywords and keyphrases helps search engine bots locate and organize how powerful an article is. Having the right language in an article can help to organically place one business over another in ranking on search engines. Ideally, copywriting clients will provide a copywriter with specified keywords or key phrases they want to be used throughout the article. It is then the job of the writer to seamlessly fit the given words into the articles created.   Quality is looked at and evaluated by Google- and other search engine- bots. For Google searches specifically, it has become a top factor in the ranking of any provided article. As of the 2013 Hummingbird Google update, Google began to look at the meaning of words on a page rather than just looking for keywords within a given text. Now, in 2020, this has only heightened as the bots have become incredibly sophisticated. Not having the proper content writer can severely affect the ranking of any given business. 

Building Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is key to gaining new customers. Not only does a good copywriter have to continually think about how the business they represent is different and more trustworthy than others, but brand awareness must be considered and factored into copyright content. A business in its infancy that may only have 1-2 years of service under them may be looking to speak more directly to potential clients. Brand awareness for such companies needs to build throughout a marketing campaign, making sure potential clients know the company and can visually identify them against their competitors. Companies such as Target or Walt Disney World have brand awareness that most of society can instantly recognize. In advertisements, they can simply use their image and discuss upcoming changes, sales, or promotions. Most companies won’t ever reach that global level of brand awareness, but a business’ brand awareness should be continually growing as the company grows. Ideally, after the first year or so, people should be beginning to associate a brand with the given company. This is the job of the copywriter.    

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Copywriting for Local Businesses

Local businesses benefit greatly from copywriting services. Having a professional copywriter assisting with marketing can clarify messages to potential clients. Writers must be aware of the audience and how much the audience may or may not know about the business being promoted. Marketing for local businesses should be very clear and direct to potential customers. No one should walk away from an advertisement with questions on how to best reach a company or what services that the company is able to provide to them. Additionally, the copywriter must keep in mind that many services people search online are services they may know little about. It is the copywriter’s job to give information to a potential client while also tugging that client toward a given company. For example, people may not need land clearing or roofing services often, they may be looking for options of needed supplies, materials, and what to expect. Steering the reader toward a company while answering questions secures that a business is knowledgeable and able to help. People need local businesses and local businesses need clients. Copywriters tie them together. 

Finding Copywriters Near Me

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